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Fu LE is a French awarded filmmaker and choreographer. He first moved to Paris to attend the Ensaama school, from where he graduated with a degree in metal sculpture. Fascinated by the beauty of artisanal movements that transform matter, he became increasingly interested in the work process more than the end result. He then traveled to West Africa to discover new techniques of bronze casting.

In parallel, Fu LE studied various theater techniques. With the intent to stage his own sculptures, he first dedicated himself to puppetry, then he moved to Buenos Aires to pursue physical theatre training. Following his interest in movement, in 2011 he joined the contemporary dance school company Le Marchepied in Lausanne, where he danced under the direction of choreographers M. Berrettini and P. Harsch. He also specialized his training in vertical dance and partnering practices as aikido, tango or contact improvisation.

Back to Paris in 2013, he revisited his visual arts practice with the sensitive perspective of the dancing body and its action on matter, and began using video to share his choreographic research at various exhibitions, including at the National Choreographic Centre of Orleans – J. Nadj. or in film festivals all over the world.

He is now evolving on the edge between dance, video and sculpture. He pursued recently his research in China and Taiwan, questioning social issues linked with urbanization. 

Fu LE works presently in France on a new aerial dance production. His goal is to connect visual arts to the intimacy of bodily sensations, in other words to choreograph sculptural gesture.


THE SEISMOGRAPH ___ Onsite Artfest (Taipei, 2016)

ANTHROPOGRAPHIES ___ Na-Pei Gallery (Taipei, 2016)

PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY ___ Taipei National University of Arts (Taiwan, 2016)

KITSCH FICTION ___ Photo à l'Ouest (Rennes, 2014)

MAGNITUDE 8 ___ Hangzhou Fina Art Academy (China, 2014)

VESTIGES ___ CCNO (Orleans, 2013)

PATHS OF THE ARGENTINEAN ___ Image Publique (Rennes, 2013)

METAL ___ School of Arts Crafts (Paris, 2006)

Video-Dance Screenings

VANITY ___ 2017: GibneyDance (US)/ WeNIFF (Norway)/ ParisPlay (France)/ Frostbite (US)

UNDERBRIDGE ___ 2018: AVDP (Greece)

2017: MoveCinearte (Brazil)/ Magmart (Italy)/ DanceBarn (US)/ LightMoves (Ireland)/ VideoMov (Colombia)/ CuerpoDigital (Bolivia)

RAINING ROPES ___ SestriereFilm (Italy-2017)/ AlpsFilm (Italy-2017)/

SwissMountain (Switzerland-2017) / MIMOFF (Italy-2017)

BLACKFISH ___ 2018: AVDP (Greece)

2017: AgiteYSirva (Mexico)/ DancaEmFoco (Brazil)/ Magmart (Italy)/ RiuRau (Spain)/ MovingBody (Bulgaria)/ FacadeVideo (Bulgaria)/ InShadow (Portugal)

2-28 ___ 2018: AVDP (Greece)

2017: DancePerth (UK)/ AgiteYSirva (Mexico)/ RIFF (Norway)/ DancaEmFoco

(Brazil)/ Magmart (Italy)/ DanceBarn (US)/ FIVC (Chile), BIDFF (Romania)/ FacadeVideo

(Bulgaria)/ DanzaTac (Spain)/ ScreenDanceNow (US)/ VideoMov (Colombia)/ MiTS (Spain)/

VideoBabel (Peru)/ InShadow (Portugal)

FLIP OVER ___ 2017:  DancaEmFoco (Brazil)/ Magmart (Italy)

2016: CorporalidadExpandida (Argentina)/ InShadow (Portugal)

HUMAN MAGNITUDE ___ 2017: DancaEmFoco (Brazil)/ DanzaBA (Argentina)/ Magmart (Italy)

2016: RIFF (Norway)/ LightMoves (Ireland)/ Movimiento (Mexico)

2017: DancaEmFoco (Brazil)/ DanzaBA (Argentina)/ Magmart (Italy)

COWBOY & BOY ___ CourteNuit (France-2010)/ FacadeVideo (Bulgaria-2013)

TOUT SCHUSS ___ 2013: CoArCo (France)

MOLTS ___ 2013: FacadeVideo (Bulgaria)/ SansSouci (US)/ InShadow (Portugal)/ CCNO (France)

RUINS ___ 2013: InShadow (Portugal)/ CCNO (France)


UN PAYS LOINTAIN ___ 30 Theater (Taiwan, 2016) / Guling Theater (Taiwan, 2016) /

   Sibu Int. Dance Fest. (Malaysia, 2016)

SAUCE CARTON AUTHENTIC __ Collaboration with L. Tremblay-Fong (Taiwan, 2016)

520 ___ Manfeï Theater (Taiwan, 2016)

JINIALIN ___ Manfeï Theater (Taiwan, 2016)

LES LOUVES ___ Le Marchepied (Switzerland, 2012)

OPHELIE ___ TMN (Paris, 2007)


Dance Limerick (Ireland, 2017)

R.E.D. Dance center (Norway, 2017)

Experimental Film Virginia (USA, 2017)

Taiwan Government Scholarship (Taiwan, 2015)

Huayu Scholarship (Taiwan, 2014)

China Council Scholarship (China, 2013)


MiTS Screen-dance prizewinner (Spain, 2017)

FacadeVideo Short-film prizewinner   (Bulgaria, 2017)

BIDFF Screen-dance honorary award    (Romania, 2017)

RIFF Screen-dance honorary award   (Norway, 2016)

Arpia Photography price   (Paris, 2016)

Hispano-Suiza sculpture price   (Paris, 2006)